Mamie + Brandt | Leesburg Engagement

I had such a great time photographing Mamie and Brandt. We wandered the grounds of a historic mansion, and along the way they did everything from write love notes to each other to climb trees. Their love for each other was so evident in the little looks they gave each other, the comfortableness they found in each other’s silly jokes, the tenderness of their touch. I am very much looking forward to photographing their wedding in just a few weeks!

Amy + Matthew | Appomattox Wedding

I love weddings. I love being able to experience the joy and love that the couples have for each other, and to be able to capture even a small part of the beautiful emotion of the day. Amy and Matthew’s wedding was no different, and I will cherish all of the little moments: Amy asking how much longer it was until she could walk down the aisle to meet Matthew at the altar; Matthew first seeing Amy in her wedding dress; Amy’s brother’s being overcome with emotion as he described his happiness for her. 

As you look through these pictures, I hope you are able to get a sense of the love that was shared on this day, and are as excited as I am for the new life that Amy and Matthew are beginning together!

Amy + Matthew | Leesburg Engagement

When Amy and Matthew asked me to do their engagement and wedding photos, I knew that one location just wouldn’t cut it. So we spent a Saturday wandering around Leesburg and Northern Virginia, and let me tell you, these two make my job easy! They were able to effortlessly look amazing in photo after photo. 

We spent Saturday morning downtown, finding random alleyways and ivy covered brick. Even a surprise rainstorm couldn’t damper our spirits. Instead, we headed indoors for some impromptu coffee shop shots. 

In the afternoon we drove out to one of my favorite spots, Bear’s Den, which is perched on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There we scrambled over the rocks, found some gorgeous light, and came up with creative ways to keep the crowd of other people out of the shot.

Amy and Matthew are getting married in just 30 days, and I can’t wait to be able to shoot with them again. I really hope you enjoy these photos!

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